About Wappa Redees by Redecan

Let’s start by talking about Wappa…standing firm at a moderate height and with a stocky build, Redecan Wappa is not only strong in appearance, but strong in potency! Prepare to feel happy and high 🙂 Looking for stress and pain relief without negative side effects? Then Wappa is absolutely for you.

Wappa is an indica dominant strain, characterized by its large, densely packed flowers with a broad base and tapered, pointed tip. Its flowers grow a beautiful green and yellow, sporting vibrant hues of purple in the fall as a response to its cooler growing environment. Wappa exudes an overwhelmingly skunky, yet fruity aroma, thanks to high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene.

Redees by Redecan are an unparalleled pre-roll experience – thoughtfully designed for personal use at 0.40g and designed in a unique straight-roll with all bud and no shake. Redecan Redees come in their signature cigarette-style, personal sized 10-packs that are compact, convenient and sealed to guarantee freshness.

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About Redecan

Redecan greenhouses are located in the world-renowned Niagara region, leveraging the unique microclimate of Ontario’s Greenbelt in state-of-the-art cannabis growing facilities. They cultivate cannabis using proprietary technology, ozone-treated irrigation water, sunshine and the watchful eye of their master growers.

They are a family business and farmers by trade who rely on the earth, rain, sunshine and the seasons to not only grow healthy plants, but also to highlight the distinct properties of their signature strains.

Redecan produce flower, gems, drops, redees, vapes and redebles.

Learn more about Redecan here.

It’s not hard to understand why we absolutely love Redecan and you can find the following products in store and online at Marigold’s:

  • Black Cherry Punch flower
  • Lilac Diesel flower
  • Cold Creek Kush flower and pre-rolls
  • Wappa king pack pre-rolls
  • Outlaw pre-rolls
  • CBD Capsules
  • Balanced Capsules
  • Reign Drops ratio 30:0

You can order Redecan products online and have them delivered straight to your door, use click and collect or pop in store, we are always happy to assist 🙂

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