Founded in 2016, Weed Me has fast become one of the leading cannabis producers in Canada and it’s really not hard to understand why. Their primary focus is on providing high quality cannabis and they’ve achieved this by creating a unique, indoor, state of the art facility in Pickering, Ontario.

The facility is centrally controlled and monitored 24/7. It operates a fully automated system, which monitors the grow room and responds to the needs of the plants throughout the different stages of growth. The system accurately controls all environmental inputs such as irrigation, lighting and nutrients – all in real time! Amazing right?

They also use LED lighting to grow the plants, this reduces the impact on the environment and keeps them energy efficient, while still achieving highly effective growing results. That’s a big tick from us.

Weed Me “believe that drying is more of an art than a science” and all of their products are carefully removed from the drying room after they have been approved by their experienced cultivators. In the drying room the air is changed every two hours, ensuring a faster drying process without any loss to the quality of the product. We told you, it’s all about quality!

At the Weed Me facility they produce indica, sativa and hybrid products including pre-rolls, dry flower and vapes. They also have “Limited Batch”, which is an ultra-premium brand of unique micro-cultivated and limited small-batch strains.

You can find out more about Weed Me here.

Weed Me at Marigolds

Right now you can find at Marigolds a wide selection of the Weed Me pre-rolls in hybrid, indica and sativa; Blue Iguana, Garlic Jelly, Lemon Z, Mandarin Cookies, Slurricane and Tutti Frutti. We also have Lemon Zkittles, Seedless Grape and Wedding Cake from the Weed Me vape collection in hybrid, indica and sativa.

Product availability will sometimes change so make sure to check out the Weed Me section of our store. You can order Weed Me products online and have them delivered straight to your door, use click and collect or pop in store, we are always happy to assist.

Buy Weed Me at Marigolds here.

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