We love Tantalus Labs at Marigold’s because they produce high quality cannabis products using sustainable cultivation methods. They believe world-class cannabis is the result of elite genetics, pure inputs and disciplined cultivation.

So how do Tantalus Labs produce “world-class” cannabis?

To cultivate world-class cannabis, Tantalus Labs spent four years designing and building a unique greenhouse called SunLabĀ¹ in Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

It’s an 18 month process to select a cannabis phenotype for cultivation at SunLabĀ¹, and this long process is obviously something that makes their products of such high quality. Tantalus experts begin by looking for the best physical expressions of a strain, to help narrow down the selection. Traits like potency, aroma, bud structure and density, as well as plant resiliency and health are isolated throughout four rounds of grow cycles. They then select cuttings from the best half of each round of grow cycle and use potency testing to help determine the best phenotypes. Impressive!

And what makes them sustainable?

Anyone that’s spent any amount of time in the Fraser Valley will know that it rains A LOT. So Tantalus Labs makes the most of that fact by using 100% captured and triple-filtered rainwater for irrigation. They also use sunlight as their main light source, which not only effectively fosters healthy cannabis plants, but significantly reduces their environmental impact. Enabling them to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90% (this percentage is compared to traditional indoor cannabis cultivation).

Tantalus produce flower, also available in pre-roll and concentrates.

Learn more about Tantalus Labs here

Tantalus Labs at Marigolds

We are big fans of Tantalus Labs and you can currently find the following products in store or online at Marigolds:

  • Harlequin Pre-Rolls
  • Cannatonic Pre-Rolls
  • Sky Pilot Pre-Rolls
  • LA Kush Pre-Rolls
  • Blue Dream Pre-Rolls
  • Pacific OG Pre-Rolls
  • Dry Sift Hash

Product availability will sometimes change so make sure to check out the Tantalus Labs section of our store. You can order Tantalus products online and have them delivered straight to your door, use click and collect or pop in store, we are always happy to assist.

Buy Tantalus Labs at Marigolds here.

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