The Deets


Indica dominant

THC Range

15-26% (our shop has seen between 24-29% on average)


Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife


Unique Smell and Taste


3.5g Point Break or 2×0.5g Pre-Rolled Joints

The Ramble

This Indica dominate cultivar is not just one of the most expensive eighths you’ll see in the market, but also one of the most distinct. Cracking open your 3.5g you’ll be hit with a strong and distinct smell. Many people find the aroma to be nostalgic, whether it reminds you of your favorite childhood juice box or the old Video Rental spot you’d go to as a teen, it has a strange tendency to make you leave your nose in the container trying to discern exactly what it is driving your sniffer crazy.

Qwest has made a commitment to quality over quantity, growing in small batches, hang drying, and hand trimming their cannabis. This can result in a frustrating lack of availability, but the end result is an amazing smooth burn, clear and unique flavours, and some absolutely beautiful nugs. It definitely helps that they add a humidity regulator pack to keep things fresh, although for $55+ an eighth we kind of expect it to be there.

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