Cultivated in Creston BC, Qwest Cannabis offers a truly premium Cannabis experience

About Qwest Cannabis

Having carried Qwest from day one, we believe that when it comes to providing a unique and extremely enjoyable inhalation experience we can rely on Qwest to impress.

Qwest focuses on small batch, hang dried, and hand trimmed production which, when combined with crisp perfectly PH balanced glacial water offers some of the smoothest combustion we’ve seen in the legal market. But a great grow isn’t quite enough to stand out against other producers like Flowr, Simply Bare Organics, or Greybeard. Rather it’s the unique cultivars that really drive our customers, and ourselves, to snap up whatever is available whenever it’s available.

The distinct nose, delicious tastes, and unique highs are a delight and remind us of why we got into the business in the first place. Strains like Point Break are so bold that we’ve literally been able to blind test blended pre-rolls we’ve rolled ourselves and can identify the unique flavor even when mixed with a different sweet tasting bud like Cannmart Lemon Zkittles.

Qwest offers both Qwest and Qwest Reserve; with the Reserve line-up consisting of of rare-cultivars and sought after strains such as Original Glue GG4, Wedding Cake, MAC-1, Oregon Lemons, and more.

Blendcraft by Qwest

Qwest also has a concentrate line, currently consisting of shatter and wax in both Indica and Sativa. We look forward to seeing how these product translate the quality of Qwest’s flower into a concentrate.

Below are some of our Favorite Qwest Products

Oregon Lemons Pre-Rolls

Why we love it:

Sweet and zesty, this cross of Lemon Diesel and Face/Off OG is perfect for consumers who like sweet, lemony, sociable bud.


Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene, Limonene

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Point Break

Why we love it:

An extremely unique taste and smell make this a must try. Everyone has there own relationship with the nose on this uplifting Indica dominant cultivar.

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