About Pedro’s Sweet Sativa

Created by Color Cannabis, Pedros Sweet Sativa was developed by crossing the classic Dominican Sativa with White Russian and an unknown Indica. It’s delicious taste and pleasant high make it a very popular strain.

Pedro’s Sweet Sativa gets its name from the delicious flavour and sugary candy-like taste and smell. The aroma also carries spicy flavours which makes this a real treat for sativa lovers.

A high THC strain, Pedro’s Sweet Sativa is sure to provide a powerful and positive high.

The bud is usually dense with large green nugs including lots of thin orange hairs and amber trichomes. Check out the images for a closer look.

Users often report that the high is calming and uplifting. It tends to come on slowly, then fosters creativity and happiness. A good strain for the daytime or getting things done.

Medicinally Pedro’s Sweet Sativa could be used to treat insomnia, chronic fatigue and ADHD.

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About Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis is a fully licensed Southern Ontario Grower with state of the art greenhouses and custom nutrient blends for each strain.

Pedro’s Sweet Sativa is unique to Color Cannabis, they really hit it out of the park with this one in our opinion! Each plant is harvested and dried naturally to ensure the optimal flavor and freshness.

Founded in 2018, Color Cannabis has produced some highly-popular strains like Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, Blueberry Seagal, Mango Haze, White Shark and more.

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