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Pedros Sweet Sativa by Color Cannabis – Review

Details: About Pedro's Sweet SativaCreated by Color Cannabis, Pedros Sweet Sativa was developed by crossing the classic Dominican Sativa with White Russian and an unknown Indica. It’s delicious taste and pleasant high make it a very popular strain. Pedro’s Sweet...

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QWEST Cannabis

Cultivated in Creston BC, Qwest Cannabis offers a truly premium Cannabis experience About Qwest Cannabis Having carried Qwest from day one, we believe that when it comes to providing a unique and extremely enjoyable inhalation experience we can rely on Qwest to...

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The Deets Strain Indica dominant THC Range 15-26% (our shop has seen between 24-29% on average) Lineage Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife X-Factor Unique Smell and Taste Formats 3.5g Point Break or 2x0.5g Pre-Rolled Joints The Ramble This Indica dominate cultivar is not...

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Broken Coast Cannabis

One of BC's Best Cannabis GrowersBroken Coast Cannabis is one of British Columbia’s most well known medical marijuana producers and is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Started with three humble grow units in 2013, Broken Coast quickly became known as a favorite among...

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A Review of Chem OG by Muskoka Grown

Details: About Chem OG by Muskoka GrownChem OG is a high-THC, indica-dominant cultivar with classic OG characteristics. It is the perfect blend of Chemdog 91's diesel fuel and San Fernando Valley OG's earthy undertones. Offering a strong gas aroma offset by subtle...

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The Story of Re-Up Recreational

In the cannabis world to "re-up" means to stock up on your supply. In the world of Re-Up Recreational it also means to REcycle and UPcycle. Re-Up Recreational are a cannabis company with an emphasis on quality, affordability and sustainability. They believe everyone...

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It’s all about the Daily Special

Daily Special are a BC based consumer cannabis brand that make every day a special day! We love them at Marigolds because of the positive impact they are having on the legal cannabis world. Consumers are understandably seeking out quality cannabis at an affordable...

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