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A Review of Chem OG by Muskoka Grown

Details: About Chem OG by Muskoka GrownChem OG is a high-THC, indica-dominant cultivar with classic OG characteristics. It is the perfect blend of Chemdog 91's diesel fuel and San Fernando Valley OG's earthy undertones. Offering a strong gas aroma offset by subtle...

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The Story of Liiv

Liiv Cannabis want you to keep moving, keep playing, keep liiving! With quality at the core of all their products they want to you to "feel the difference" and let you know that your everyday matters to them. How do they do this? They have a "Canadian Perpetual...

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Wappa Redees by Redecan – a Review

Details: About Wappa Redees by RedecanLet's start by talking about Wappa...standing firm at a moderate height and with a stocky build, Redecan Wappa is not only strong in appearance, but strong in potency! Prepare to feel happy and high 🙂 Looking for stress and pain...

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It’s All About Vacay

Vacay falls under the umbrella company of Lyf Edibles who manufacture premium edibles that are precisely dosed with an exceptional taste! They achieve this by only using high quality food ingredients and cannabis extracts in their products. Lyf have a sophisticated...

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A Review of Northern Berry by UP

Details: About Northern Berry by UPNorthern Berry is a cross of the famous Northern Lights and Blueberry strains. A beautiful indica flower combining berry and spice aromas. It's guaranteed to make you feel happy, relaxed and sleepy 🙂 Before you start with Northern...

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A Review of Wedding Cake by Weed Me

Details: About Wedding Cake by Weed MeWedding Cake is a cross between the classic GSC and Cherry Pie. When you open the bag you are hit with a fruity aroma with hints of berries. Despite the name Wedding Cake, it doesn't really have a sweet taste, at least not to...

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The Story of Highland Grow

"Highland Grow – Nova Scotia grown, from our coast to yours." Highland Grow is the proud cultivator of premium indoor craft cannabis and they offer carefully curated lines of premium cannabis across Canada. Located on the rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in...

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The Story of Namaste

UNPLUG. LOOK UP. BREATHE IN. BE PRESENT. That's what Namaste want you to do when you experience their premium cannabis products and here's why... They believe that there is so much more out there in the universe and encourage people to connect, be respectful and to be...

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A Review of Pacific OG by Tantalus Labs

Details: About Pacific OG by Tantalus LabsPacific OG is a sativa dominant hybrid - it's a Tantalus curation of Goji OG (bred from Nepali OG) and Snow Lotus. Nepali OG (aka Nepali Kush) is a long-lineage classic close to Tahoe OG, that brings conical-shaped buds and...

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The Story of Tantalus Labs

We love Tantalus Labs at Marigold's because they produce high quality cannabis products using sustainable cultivation methods. They believe world-class cannabis is the result of elite genetics, pure inputs and disciplined cultivation. So how do Tantalus Labs produce...

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