One of BC’s Best Cannabis Growers

Broken Coast Cannabis is one of British Columbia’s most well known medical marijuana producers and is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Started with three humble grow units in 2013, Broken Coast quickly became known as a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

They have since been granted a fourth license to grow and distribute cannabis in Canada. They stick to their guiding principles of quality over quantity, and their reputation as a premium producer has led them to expand into an indoor 44,000 square foot operation on the coast of Vancouver island.

BC bud is widely recognized as some of the best cannabis grown all over the world, and Broken Coast Cannabis are at the leading edge of maintaining this reputation.

Providing people with natural and useful relief from a wide range of medical conditions is a priority for Broken Coast Cannabis. Crafting high-quality strains that provide the full spectrum of positive effects for cannabis users at reasonable prices is their main priority, and the reason why we love their products here at Marigolds. Their strains are quality checked and updated to reflect the improvements in medical marijuana on a regular basis.

All Broken Coast Cannabis products are rigorously tested to screen out pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Their grow operations are impressive, and grown under strict supervision, with tightly-regulated environmental conditions. This means that their products are nothing but superior quality, and a joy to the senses in every way.

The quality procedures at Broken Coast Cannabis are first-class. All plants are inspected closely and any traits that are below par are weeded out. Over the years the strength and quality of their genetics has been stellar as a result.

Every plant gets pruned to focus the growth in the upper colas, making each batch yield consistently superior buds. At Marigolds we can’t recommend Broken Coast Cannabis products enough. It’s a pleasure to supply the products of a company that continually prove their commitment to quality and integrity.

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Broken Coast Cannabis at Marigolds

Right now you can get the famous Quadra (A.K.A.) Headstash, Sour OG and Northern Lights Haze from us. Product availability will sometimes change so make sure to check out the Broken Coast Cannabis section of our store.

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