About Wedding Cake by Weed Me

Wedding Cake is a cross between the classic GSC and Cherry Pie. When you open the bag you are hit with a fruity aroma with hints of berries. Despite the name Wedding Cake, it doesn’t really have a sweet taste, at least not to begin with. We would describe it more as sour and earthy tasting, followed by a hint of sweet. This indica dominant hybrid strain was grown indoors in small batches and harvested by hand.

If you suffer from anxiety or looking for pain relief then Wedding Cake is highly recommended – a lot of customers have said it has really helped them. Be warned, this flower is incredibly potent and an instant heavy hitter and will have you feeling super relaxed, super happy and sleepy. Enjoy!

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About Weed Me

Founded in 2016, Weed Me has fast become one of the leading cannabis producers in Canada and it’s really not hard to understand why. Their primary focus is on providing high quality cannabis and they’ve achieved this by creating a unique, indoor, state of the art facility in Pickering, Ontario.

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