About Pacific OG by Tantalus Labs

Pacific OG is a sativa dominant hybrid – it’s a Tantalus curation of Goji OG (bred from Nepali OG) and Snow Lotus. Nepali OG (aka Nepali Kush) is a long-lineage classic close to Tahoe OG, that brings conical-shaped buds and earthy notes of an OG aroma. Snow Lotus lays an undercurrent of black cherry and subtle hints of liquorice. The colas of Pacific OG are caked, hand-harvested and cured, providing a full flavour due in part to the dominant terpenes of pinene and nerolidol.

So that’s the look and the aroma…but what does it feel like? The feedback from this flower has been super positive. We would definitely recommend for high tolerance users as it’s very potent and has an immediate effect! Prepare to enjoy a pleasant euphoria that’s uplifting, energising and also makes you feel focused and functional – ideal for daytime use.

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About Tantalus Labs

We love Tantalus Labs at Marigold’s because they produce high quality cannabis products using sustainable cultivation methods. They believe world-class cannabis is the result of elite genetics, pure inputs and disciplined cultivation and they achieve this by growing in a greenhouse located in Fraser Valley, BC, that they uniquely designed and built over a four year period.

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