About Northern Berry by UP

Northern Berry is a cross of the famous Northern Lights and Blueberry strains. A beautiful indica flower combining berry and spice aromas. It’s guaranteed to make you feel happy, relaxed and sleepy 🙂

Before you start with Northern Berry, make sure you have nothing left to do, because the second you inhale it, you feel it…in a very good way that can happily take you through a couple of hours. It has a positive, full body effect and is recommended if you suffer from insomnia or seeking pain relief.

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About UP

UP is inspired by the unique spirit that defines Canada. They set the standard for Canadian cannabis with a bold promise – offering Canadians a steady line of 20% + THC products. This is a very impressive guarantee for their entire range. They seek to achieve this promise by always pushing for greatness, which is one of the reasons we love them at Marigold’s.

UP produce many different types of flower, such as Ghost Train Haze ,(also available at Marigold’s), Cold Creek Kush, Gelato 29, Lemon Z and Ultra Sour. These are also available as pre-rolls.

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