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Unlock a world of elevated experiences at Marigolds Cannabis, your trusted destination for premium cannabis products in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are more than a dispensary; we are a community-driven space where quality, knowledge, and a passion for cannabis converge to redefine your journey.

At Marigolds Cannabis, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of premium cannabis products. From expertly cultivated cannabis flower strains, to artisanal edibles and potent concentrates, each item in our inventory meets the highest standards of quality and potency. Explore an array of options tailored to both Cannabis Connoisseurs and the adventurous first timers new to the cannabis scene.

Conveniently located in Gastown, Vancouver, Marigolds Cannabis invites you to elevate your cannabis experience. Our welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a dedication to exceptional customer service, makes us the preferred choice for those seeking a premium cannabis dispensary experience. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Vancouver, Marigolds Cannabis is poised to redefine your cannabis journey. Step into a world where quality, variety, and community converge to create an unparalleled dispensary experience.


Address: 231 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7

Store Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 11PM

Delivery Service Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am – 10pm

Mail Order Delivery: Monday – Sunday 9am-11pm, Delivery via Canada Post

Phone: 604-423-4748

Age restriction: 19+

Please have a valid ID for age verification. Valid ID is one primary piece of government issued identification (must have photo, name, address and a signature)  and one piece of secondary identification (must have your name and signature).

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At Marigolds Cannabis, we welcome you to an elevated cannabis experience in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. As the premier destination for high-quality cannabis products, we are committed to providing our customers with a diverse selection, exceptional service, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Marigolds Cannabis takes pride in offering a carefully curated selection of premium cannabis products to suit every preference and need.

From top-shelf flower strains to artisanal edibles, potent concentrates, and innovative accessories, our inventory is thoughtfully sourced to ensure the highest standards of quality and potency.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering.

We choose to work closely with trusted suppliers and producers to ensure that all our products undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, and safety, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Our knowledgeable staff are passionate about cannabis and are here to guide you through our selection.

 Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of cannabis, we’re dedicated to providing personalised recommendations and expert advice to help you find the perfect product.

We believe in offering variety and innovation.

Our constantly evolving inventory features a wide range of products, including classic favourites and exciting new releases, allowing for a diverse selection for everyone to explore and enjoy.


Cannabis Flower:

Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and potent effects of our expertly curated and cultivated flower strains. From classic indica and sativa to new cutting-edge hybrids, our premium selection ensures quality, potency, and captivating terpene profiles, promising an unparalleled sensory experience. Elevate your senses and unlock the full potential of cannabinoids with our curated flower collection. Experience the difference with every exhale.

Cannabis Edibles:

Indulge your senses with our artisanal edibles crafted for both flavour and potency. From delectable chocolates to gourmet gummies, to baked edibles, our edibles provide a delightful way to experience the benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis Concentrates:

Elevate your experience with our range of concentrates, including shatter, wax, hash, live resins, live rosins, crumble, budder, and HTFSE. Carefully processed to preserve the essence of the plant, our concentrates offer a potent and refined cannabis experience.

Cannabis Pre-Rolls:

Discover the ultimate convenience and quality with our diverse selection of cannabis pre-rolls. Elevate your experience with our premium pre-rolls, meticulously crafted for connoisseurs seeking unparalleled taste and potency. Indulge in the luxurious infusion of hash or the vibrant essence of live resin with our specialty options, delivering a truly exhilarating  high. For those seeking affordability without compromise, our value pre-rolls offer exceptional quality at unbeatable prices. Whether you prefer the simplicity of single pre-rolls or the convenience of our curated packs, we have something for every preference and occasion. 

Cannabis Vapes:

Our diverse selection of cannabis vaporizers, offering a wide range of options to cater to individual tastes. From stylish POD devices like PAX and the Blinker to user-friendly 510 thread cartridges, explore different formulations including THC, CBD, THC:CBD, THC:CBG, THC:THCV, 1:1, 3:1, and other ratios for uplifting sensations, therapeutic solace, and discreet consumption.

Cannabis Tinctures:

Discover the therapeutic advantages of our cannabis tinctures. Meticulously formulated for reliable results, our selection of tinctures offer a discreet and adaptable way to integrate cannabis into your personal wellness regimen. Choose from a wide range of options, including THC, CBD, THC:CBD, THC,CBG, THC:CBN, CBD:CBG, available in different carrier oils such as MCT oil or olive oil. 

Cannabis Topicals:

Experience the healing power of cannabis with our selection of topicals. From soothing creams to targeted balms, our topicals are designed to provide localised relief and relaxation.

Cannabis Capsules:

Check out our cannabis capsules tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for THC psychoactive effects, CBD therapeutic relief, CBN to help you sleep, or looking to get focused with CBG we have it all. Our cannabis capsules provide precise dosing and easy convenient consumption. Our selection provides a discreet and controlled way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. Choose the perfect formula for you and embark on a journey of wellness and relaxation.

Cannabis Drinks:

Quench your thirst with our innovative cannabis beverages, some featuring nano-emulsified technology for rapid absorption. Indulge in THC-infused drinks for a euphoric experience, or choose CBD beverages for relaxation without the high. Dive into the world of cannabinoids with specialised options such as CBN for enhanced sleep or CBG for potential anti-inflammatory benefits. With precise dosing and quick acting effects, our cannabis beverages offer a refreshing and convenient way to elevate your wellness routine. Sip, savour, and discover the perfect blend of cannabinoids tailored to your liking. Cheers to relaxation and rejuvenation with our premium cannabis-infused drinks.

Cannabis Seeds:

Looking to grow your own cannabis garden? Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a novice grower, we have something for everyone. We carry a full range of indica, sativa or hybrid seeds. We carry autoflower, photoperiod, feminised or regular seeds. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, creativity, or therapeutic benefits, shop now and start growing your cannabis garden!


One of Vancouver’s most defining features is its breathtaking natural surroundings. From the snow-capped peaks of the North Shore Mountains to the lush greenery of Stanley Park, the city is blessed with an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding  or simply strolling along the seawall, Vancouverites have easy access to nature’s playgrounds right at their doorstep.

Beyond its natural splendour, Vancouver boasts a rich cultural tapestry that reflects its diverse population. The city’s multicultural makeup is celebrated through a vibrant array of festivals, events, and culinary experiences. From the bustling streets of Chinatown to the eclectic shops of Commercial Drive, each neighbourhood offers a unique blend of cultures, cuisines, and traditions.

Vancouver’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship sets it apart as a global leader in green initiatives. From its extensive network of bike lanes and public transit systems to its pioneering efforts in renewable energy, the city is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Vancouver is a thriving hub for arts and entertainment. The city’s vibrant arts scene encompasses everything from world-class museums and galleries to independent theatres and music venues. From the iconic Vancouver Art Gallery to the eclectic performances at Rogers Arena – hockey games with the Canucks, concerts, Vancouver Convention Center, BC place for football and the BC Lions. Events like Invictus Games, Rugby Sevens, Fifa world cup 2026, Celebration of Light, Vancouver Whitecaps for soccer – there is no shortage of creativity and expression to explore.

At its heart, Vancouver is a city of opportunity, innovation, and inclusivity. Its welcoming atmosphere, unparalleled natural beauty, and dynamic cultural scene make it a truly extraordinary place to call home. Whether basking in the glow of a Pacific sunset or exploring the hidden gems of its urban neighborhoods, Vancouver offers an abundance of good things to discover and enjoy.


Vancouver City Website

Directions to our store –

  • From the Vancouver International Airport (YVR):

> Take Grant McConachie Way E to Oak St N/BC-99 in Vancouver

> Merge onto Oak St N/BC-99

> Continue to follow Oak St N

> Turn right onto W 6th Ave

> Continue onto W 2nd Ave

> Turn left to merge onto Cambie St

> Take the exit toward Pacific Blvd East

> Slight right onto Pacific Blvd

> Turn left onto Pat Quinn Way

> Continue onto Abbott St

> Marigolds Cannabis will be on the left

  • From the Vancouver Cruise Ship Terminal:

> Head southwest toward Howe St

> Turn left onto Howe St

> Turn left onto W Cordova St

> Turn left onto Abbott St

> Marigolds Cannabis will be on the left

  • From Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal:

> Head east toward BC-17

> Continue on BC-17. Take BC-99 N to Oak St in Vancouver

> Continue onto Oak St

> Continue straight to stay on Oak St

> Turn right onto W 6th Ave

> Continue onto W 2nd Ave

> Turn left to merge onto Cambie St

> Take the exit toward Pacific Blvd East

> Slight right onto Pacific Blvd

> Turn left onto Pat Quinn Wy

> Continue onto Abbott St

> Continue straight to stay on Abbott St

> Marigolds Cannabis will be on the left

  • From Waterfront SkyTrain Station:

> Head northwest toward Howe St

> Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Howe St

> Turn left at the 1st cross street onto W Pender St

> Turn left onto Abbott St

> Marigolds Cannabis will be on the left

Postal / Zip codes/Neighborhoods we service:

V6L  – V6M – V5K – V6N – V6P – V6R – V6S – V6T – V6Z – V7X – V7Y – V5V – V5L – V5M – V5N – V5P – V5R – V5S – V5T – V6K – V5W – V5X – V5Y – V5Z – V6A – V6B – V6C – V6E – V6G – V6H – V6J – V5A – V5B – V5C – V5E – V5G – V5H – V5J – V3J – V3K – V3H – V3C – V3B – V3L – V3M. 

Gastown – Cambie – Coal Harbour – Collingwood – Downtown West – Dunbar – Fairview – False Creek – Grandview-Woodland – Kitsilano – Marpole – Mount Pleasant – Point Grey – Renfrew – Shaughnessy – South Granville – South Marine – University – West End – Yaletown – Hastings Sunrise -North Burnaby West – North Burnaby East – Brentwood Park – West Central – Garden – Greentree Village – Forest Glen – Deer Lake – Oakland – Buckingham Heights – Government Road – Burnaby Lake – Caribou – Crest – Metrotown – Highgate – Edmunds – East Burnaby – Suncrest – Big Bend – South Slope – Connaught Heights – West End – Queensborough – Brow of the Hill – Kelvin – Glenbrooke North – Victory Heights – Massey Heights – Sapperton – North Arm North – North Arm South – Uptown – Downtown – Glenbrooke South – Brunette Creek – Austin Heights – Cape Horn – Burquitlam – Eagle Ridge – Hockaday Nestor – Maillardville – Mayfair – Pacific Reach – Northeast Coquitlam – Ranch Park – River Heights – Town Centre – Westwood Plateau – Heritage Woods – Barber Street – Heritage Mountain – Mounutain Meadows – North Shore Port Moody – Port Moody Center – College Park – Gleanayre.

Contact & Product Requests

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to request products and producers you’d like to see on our shelves.

Our menu is curated based on customer requests like yours. Check out our “Community Choices” section for a peak at requests that have made it onto our shelves. 

Already know what you want? Send us an email, give us a call, or let us know on your next visit. 

Can’t wait that long? Contact us with a product request down below!

Contact & Product Requests

Tour Our Beautiful Cannabis Store

Marigolds Cannabis in Vancouver, BC is located in the heart of Gastown, at 231 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7.

Desiree Louis
Desiree Louis
Great store! Good variety of products. Thanks! Dog friendly 🐾🐩
Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths
I’ve been to all the stores in Vancouver, and Marigolds is the best, hands-down. Friendly, massive selection and Convenient location.
Gabriella Martinez
Gabriella Martinez
Very nice staff and great prices. My go to place
Ian Perry
Ian Perry
My go to. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Very welcoming. Great selection of products, you can order online for pickup or delivery. Free candy 😍
Max Ellenbogen
Max Ellenbogen
My favorite dispensary in Vancouver. Really nice and helpful staff and a good selection of products at good prices
Mikey Brown
Mikey Brown
A really lovely person helped me out with my purchase. Great energy, awesome job Mikey! The edible selection is huge, so many fun flavoured gummies and drinks!



From Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you’re just 30 minutes away.

> Head northwest on Grant McConachie Way E.

> Continue to Grant McConachie Way E:
Use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left.

> Take Cambie St to Pat Quinn Way in Vancouver:
Keep left to stay on Grant McConachie Way E.

>Continue onto Arthur Laing Bridge/Marine Dr SW

>Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Marine Drive E and merge onto SW Marine Dr

>Turn left onto Cambie St

>Take the exit toward Pacific Blvd East

Slight right onto Pacific Blvd
> Drive to Abbott St:

>Turn left onto Pat Quinn Way

>Continue onto Abbott St until you reach Marigolds Cannabis dispensary.


We’re aware that a lot of people have had negative experiences with legal cannabis. This frequently happens as a result of poor curation and untrained product consultants. Our Vancouver cannabis team not only has certified cannabis connoisseurs on staff to guarantee that you’re advised by an expert. But they also try each and every product on our menu, ensuring that everything there is high-quality cannabis. We’re a cannabis dispensary that only sells products that we would personally consume ourselves.

We’re also located steps away from the best local attractions of Vancouver such as: the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, the Science World, the Canada Place convention center, and Gastown Steam Clock. 

Within a mile radius from our store, there are all the best restaurants in Vancouver:

  • Tacofino Gastown
  • La Casita Gastown
  • Lamplighter Public House
  • The Hart Pub
  • The GPO Bar + Kitchen
  • Brioche Ristorante
  • Meet In Gastown (Vegan)
  • Gringo Gastown
  • Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria
  • The Greek by Anatoli
  • Di Beppe Restaurant
  • Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar
  • LOCAL Public Eatery Gastown


Marigolds Cannabis was created by cannabis consumers, for cannabis consumers. As such, we are aware of your needs and try to replicate that experience at our Marigolds Cannabis store.

Education and expert guidance are part of the foundations of our service and we always give priority to our customers’ experience. Our product consultants are always delighted to advise and help whether it be in the shop or over the phone.

Marigolds Cannabis corporate culture is based on making purchasing cannabis as joyful as using it. The style of our store is inspired by luxury retail, but the atmosphere is centred around making a warm and inviting environment where each customer is part of our family. Just pass by, and you’ll be beyond any doubt our Vancouver dispensary is in-touch with the requirements of its community.


Yes! We are indeed a licensed BC cannabis retailer.


Marigolds Cannabis store and Weed Delivery currently accepts payment via debit card and cash.

We have an ATM nearby, next to Lamplighter public house, TD bank 2 blocks away, that customers can use at their convenience to get cash. It accepts debit and credit cards.


Yes. All customers at Marigolds Cannabis store are required to show 2 government pieces of ID, like a driver’s license or passport, to verify their identity and age. Per British Columbia regulations, you must be 19 years or older to buy, use, possess, or grow non-medical cannabis in B.C.


Yes, visit our online store at marigoldscannabis.com to browse our sommelier-approved menu. You have the option of paying in person at our store, or paying online and coming to pick up your order. After placing your order, feel free to head directly to our dispensary in Vancouver, since we’ll have it ready for you in no time.


Yes! We deliver to Downtown, Vancouver, UBC, Burnaby, North Delta, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam.



For Downtown: Order cut off time 10:00pm

For Vancouver, UBC, Burnaby: Order cut off time 9:00pm



North Delta, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam: Order cut off time 7:00 pm

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